There have been several studies on sleep, documenting the positives and negatives effects on the body, with clear guidelines as to the requirements we need. These guidelines clearly state the length of sleep we should get, the figures are categorised by age. 0 – 3 months: 14 – 17 hours 4 – 11 months: 12 Continue reading Sleep

Holistic Asthma

Please note, this blog is purely informative and not advisory, I have no medical qualifications and you should always seek medical advice if you have concerns with your condition. There are many different types of asthmatics, and thus there are several different treatments. I think of treatments as tablets, inhalers and injections/drips however this type Continue reading Holistic Asthma

If you’re happy and don’t know it, clap your hands?

An intriguing title that I hope will entice you into this strange blog, I am trying something I’ve not yet tried before; I am basing this blog on an in depth discussion and little personal experience or knowledge. You may already be aware of the four stages of competence: This learning model relates to the Continue reading If you’re happy and don’t know it, clap your hands?