Whats up Doc?

Yesterday was somewhat of a break through in my Asthma journey.

I had an appointment with the difficult asthma protocol team at the Brompton, I had been refereed by the respiratory team at Northwick Park, this was a long awaited and extremely important appointment.

Seeing the medical correspondence between the two doctors was like reading a note from an alien life form, but thankfully it made sense to each Doctor.

Why did this meeting have such importance? it was to start discussions about treating my asthma with injections, I had already been informed that I was not applicable for Xolair due to high IgE levels.

The next option is to check blood works for another injection Mepolizumab, I really hope I meet the criteria because the other options are not worth thinking about just yet.

Now, for an update, my finger is still not right but is improving very slowly. My peak flows are steady and above 250, Prednisolone will not be reduced beyond 25mg.

All is looking well, but being told by the doctor that you are not a well person is not easy to hear however when you believe and trust them you know that they will try their utmost and will soon be the very best you can be.

I have never allowed my asthma control my life, although that does not mean I control my asthma, it just means that we have an unwritten rule that we will live side by side and try our best not to cross paths.

Thanks for reading, take a breathe,



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