Happy Birthday NHS

The National Health Service has celebrated many milestones, one of which was its 70th anniversary on 5th July 2018.

Everyone will agree, no good has ever come out of war; however after WW2 the then Health Secretary Aneurin Bevan had an idea of vaccinating everyone to reduce the impact on human lives the war had already had. That humble start in 1948 was the start of the NHS


1960, the decade marking the UK’s first major heart and liver transplants. It’s also the era of the contraceptive pill and the birth of Britain’s first sextuplets after fertility treatment.

1970, the world’s first test-tube baby and how CT scans revolutionised the way doctors examine patients’ bodies.

1980, AIDS awareness receives a major push with the first TV advert being aired in the UK. It’s also the decade the first breast screening programme is introduced with the hope of reducing breast cancer deaths in women over 50.

1990s, the first NHS trusts emerge and the NHS organ donor register is launched. We’ll also see NHS Direct for the first time which, over the years, has become the largest single e-health service in the world.

2000, The new millennium sees a nationwide smoking ban, the first bowel cancer screening programme and the 60th anniversary of the National Health Service.

2010, The present day NHS is undergoing major changes to its core structure, including who makes decisions about NHS services, service commissioning and the way money is spent. It’s also the decade of great medical breakthroughs and health innovations.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a local NHS anniversary celebration in Brent.

I hope you enjoyed this factual blog of the NHS time line and appreciate the care the NHS provide.

I will leave you with a question; would you pay more in taxes? NO? when was the last time you donated to your local NHS charity?

Take a breathe,



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