The heatwave – WARNING

For the benefit of our international readers, the U.K is currently in the midst of a heatwave.

Temperatures have been up 30ā„ƒ is some cases higher, it has had profound effects of the whole country including health warnings and wild fires.

What many do not realise, the increased heat has caused havoc with the pollination process. As we have missed one season (spring) and gone straight to summer the flowers, tress and grass (all of which have different pollen) have pollinated at once, created a pollen bomb.

This has resulted in some the highest pollen levels, the only ingredient missing from causing pollen devastation is rain. The rain storms break down the pollen and mould in the atmosphere, this means the smaller size travellers deeper into the lung.

Those with seasonal breathing conditions are well aware of the effects, and combat their symptoms with anti-histamines, but will lower levels of relief. Those with more complex breathing conditions are finding their inhalers are not as effective.

This is because the irritates are deeper in the lungs causing more irritation or the sensitive parts of the lungs.

I advise everyone to take extra precautions, use their medications correctly and in time, record peakflow levels and always keep your medication with you at all times.

In Wales an asthma attack claimed the life of a young 16 year old man, he was with friends at the time. It is vital you tell the people around you what signs to look out for.

Enjoy the weather, stay prepared and safe.

Take a breathe,



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