Are you ok?

Anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, memory loss and fatigue. Symptoms which are well known and normally associated with mental health.

However, I am going to give you my ideas linking the same symptoms to respiratory health.

Anxiety: if you rely on an inhaler to relieve the on set of asthma, one can feel several types of anxiety, if you were to misplace or forget your inhaler, also the time from getting your repeat prescription to having it in you hand can always feel like eternity.

Depression: Wanting to do something as simple as putting the rubbish out, but knowing you will be breathless afterwards; or having to hold back a laugh because it may result in a coughing fit. Having your health holding you back can create great levels of depression

Loss of appetite: I am not sure why, but when I am not feeling well, I always seem to lose my appetite, I eat because its there or I have to, never because I want to.

Memory loss: Over the years I’ve noticed in conversations people having to recall situations in more details for me more then ever. I tend not to remember details of conversations as much as I used to. Could it be due to reduced levels of oxygen??

Fatigue: This is linked to oxygen levels, not enough in the body making each breathe seem such hard work. Also interrupted sleep due to coughing, wheezing or getting up to take your inhalers.

Most medical conditions have very definite symptoms which enable correct treatments and diagnoses. However, there can always be links, I am not suggesting asthmatics have health problems, or that one is more important then the other.

I am suggesting if someone suffering from a respiratory condition is struggling; a simple loving chat could be just what they need – an their inhaler of course.

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Take a breathe,



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