There are many ways in which people can feel euphoria, especially when illness has been a prominent factor in one’s life.

Some turn to external influences, drink, drugs, food, etc…however I experienced a deep sense of euphoria without any of these influences.

How so? Very simple. My family have been astonished by my progress, my ability to get up and walk downstairs to have breakfast without needed to pause on the stairs and take my inhaler before greeting my family.

I have also managed to go to work to help and yesterday I managed to deal with an eight-hour occasion in which discipline is paramount and one isn’t free to get up and leave or move around. Yet I managed to cope with all of that which resulted in a nineteen-hour day.

Its is a real turning point for me, for me to take so much, prior to my health changes these types of activities would have been normal, however now I’ve been limited to very little.

The sense of euphoria, came with my family, and colleagues noticing the achievements I have managed to undertake, the sense of safety and pride accompanied with love was extremely rewarding.

However; all this good news and motivating imagery, is not shared with the doctors. My lung function is the same, my peak flows are below average, and I am still suffering from regular headaches.

Due to my side effects, the doctors have decided to change my biotic to another version (reslizumab) which I will start in October.

I think witnessing the reaction of my loved ones and the thoughts and continued concerns of the doctors, made me appreciate how unwell I have become.

Being on steroids does play with your mental stability, perhaps that explains why this blog seems to be so mentally provoking.

I hope that the new treatment is more suitable for me and look forward to getting more active then I have been in the past few months.

Thank you for your time,

Take a breathe,



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