The Flu

The first convincing record of an influenza pandemic was of an outbreak in 1580, which began in Russia and spread to Europe via Africa.

The Flu (influenza virus) was discovered In 1933, researchers discovered three viruses types A, B, and the rare C. The first flu vaccine was created by Dr Salk to protect the U.S. military forces against the flu during World War II.

Prior to the vaccine the flu was a deadly virus that killed a lot of its victims, The Daily Mail have report that over two hundred deaths have been recorded since 2017, the flu still kills, but with huge vaccine drives the numbers have hugely reduced.

The elderly and people with ongoing medical conditional are always advised to get the flu vaccine, simply because the symptoms can affect so many different parts of the body, which can exaggerate existing conditions or create new ones.

The symptoms come on very quickly and can include:
a sudden fever – a temperature of 38C or above, aching body, feeling tired or exhausted, dry, chesty cough, sore throat, headache, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, diarrhoea or tummy pain, nausea and being sick

Within asthmatics and similar conditions the flu can be extremely dangerous. influenza infection in the lungs can trigger asthma attacks and a worsening of asthma symptoms. It also can lead to pneumonia and other acute respiratory diseases. In fact, adults and children with asthma are more likely to develop pneumonia after getting sick with flu than people who do not have asthma

I suffered an pneumothorax (collapsed lung) in 1992 as a direct result of a chest infection, it my first admission into ITU and the first time I was ventilated.

How do you treat or prevent the flu?
The NHS recommend you get the vaccine, drink plenty of water to reduce the risk of dehydration, and take paracetamol or ibuprofen (not advised for asthmatics) to decrease the temperature ache and pains.

Home remedies include:
Chicken soup, up to 4,000 milligrams og vitamin C daily, oranges, bananas and vegetables, raw ginger tea and honey, garlic and onions boast the immune system, turmeric.

I think the best thing to do, is keep a health well balance diet to ward off the flu, if you experience the symptoms seek medical advice/treatment, if you have ongoing conditions then talk to your Dr about vaccine. Asthmatic should have a rescue pack for emergencies.

I wish you all well and hope you are all prepared for the upcoming flu season. Thank you for your time and look forward to sharing my journey with you next week.

Please remember to join the conversation on Twitter and support group on Facebook. Both media groups have masses of information and links to similar groups and discussions.

Take a breathe,


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