What happens next?

With a new leader of the Tory party soon to enter number 10, I thought I would explore the possible effects one could be expect with respect to the NHS and medication.

The Tories policy on the NHS is to increase access to mental health, and tens of thousands of medical professionals, although figures indicate that since 2011 over 100,000 nurses have left the NHS early.

Some argue the Tories impact on the NHS have resulted in 130,000 deaths which were preventable if they had not made such cuts to the budget. The Tories response; is the Public health policy aims to ­prevent illnesses such as heart disease, lung cancer or liver disease by targeting poor diets, smoking or other harmful habits so they allocated funds to tackle this area.

As of April this year (2019) the cost for prescriptions were increased by 20p to a total of £9.00 per item. For some suffers this could have a huge financial impact. I have at least 15 items on my prescription.

October 2019 will see the U.K leave the E.U. Pharmaceutical companies have been instructed to stock pile 7000 medicines for a period of six weeks. My reslizumab is created within the E.U with a cost of £124.99 10mg per 1ml it will not be stockpiled,

As someone that may be directly effected by Brexit and the possibility of a reduction of my medication I admit to being extremely fearful of the end of this year.

I have also experienced the impact of the budget cuts on the NHS, with extended waiting times, both in the A & E and within the wards with nurses being overworked, so much so that I believed it had an impact on the ability of care given to the patients.

I hope the country and hospitals have stringent contingency plans ready for any disruption.

Please comment below any experiences you have and I hope that you find the correct support when facing any disruptions.

Take a breath,


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