Chronic by nature

Today I want to explore some symptoms of Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disorder (COPD) that can easily be overlooked but are very much present every day.

COPD reduces the airflow in the lungs making breathing difficult, this can but not always be accompanied by a wheeze. This laboured breathing style results in a reduction in the body absorbing oxygen.

As the body is in a low state of oxygen and minimum levels are absorbed this causes an in balance within the lungs which effect the entire body thus giving way to certain effects.

Fatigue: This is caused by low oxygen and is not to be confused with other types or general fatigue. It is usually the results of a certain activity, walking up the stairs for example, the immediate onset of fatigue is unsettling and can be in comparison with someone without COPD however the length of time to recover and inability to regain energy is the most differing factor.

Chronic cough: Most respiratory suffers are familiar with a chronic cough which differs from a normal cough, because the depth and length of cough is so much more pronounced and is usually more productive, dislodging more phlegm and mucus.

Wheeze and crackle: A clear audible sound created by the air passing through congestion in the airways. Sometimes with asthma one can clear their airways with a light cough or hard exhale to reduce or stop the wheeze, however with COPD this wheeze is prevalent and a lot harder to control.

Fast heart rate: A condition know as tachycardia, related to the heart working harder for longer due to an in balance with the levels within the body. This condition can also be a result of side effects from medication.

The shakes: Tremors are a usual side effect of the medication, however it can also be linked to an increase in blood pressure due to a faster beating heart.

Mood swings: Something that seems to effect most sufferers but very little is known as to why or how, some have connected the possibility that tempers and mental motivation may be low as a sign of frustration.

COPD is a chronic condition, unlike asthma can not be controlled nor will it solve itself. Its a degenerative disorder that will become worse over time and will not leave.

Each sufferer is unique and have different effects and different coping mechanisms, no two cases are the same, this may be why it is so hard to study and work with.

If you have any more symptoms, please feel free to leave us a comment. Thank you for reading, and as always please like and share it may help someone get through another day.

Take a breath,


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