Inhalers v Nebulisers

The weather is starting to change, and we will soon see less light and feel more of a chill as the autumn and winter weather set in.

As the seasons changes, so should your use of medicines, I recommend a visit to your G.P to discuss the flu vaccine and a new asthma plan for the changes ahead.

You should revise inhaler techniques on all your inhalers especially the ones you’ve not been taking during the summer.

I personally will be thinking about nebulising, due to the change in my asthma both due to the change of weather and treatment I have been relying on nebulisers a lot more.

Pros & Cons of inhalers:

  • small and easy to keep with you
  • easy to use
  • quick to administer
  • durable
  • interchangeable
  • easy to prescribe
  • useless with incorrect technique
  • whilst breathless difficult to use
  • easily over used
  • dangerous with mouth piece cover
  • can cause mouth ulcers
  • G.P can over prescribe incorrect inhalers

Pros & Cons of nebulisers:

  • no technique needed
  • ideal for an attack
  • purpose built for mixing medicines
  • can treat more then one symptom
  • relief lasts longer
  • usually requires more medical support
  • can be operated in oxygen
  • very noisy
  • requires a power point
  • very large and contains several parts
  • takes a longer time to administer medicine
  • hard to get prescriptions
  • needs regular service

Most medicines have side effects, I did not mention them as they are unique to individuals and also type of medication.

One should always remember, with controlled symptoms it is unlikely to need regular nebulisations.

I hope you take the correct precautions for the next few months and stay well throughout the changes. If your symptoms are better in the winter we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time and look forward to reading the comments and liking the shares.

Take breath,


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