The ostrich!

A strange title deserves an explanation, the ostrich is the visualisation I experienced during my last asthma attack earlier this week.

Was I the ostrich? You would have noticed I’ve missed two blogs, due to lack of motivation, mood and other worries I have created.

My peak flows were indicating something was brewing, but I turned to my rescue pack, put my head in the sand (the ostrich) and carried on.

My colleagues who noticed a difference in me, but broke eye contact just as I made it, the manager who sped up past me when I was looking out for cover, the first responder whos first aid training did not train them to manage an asthma attack; avoiding the situation so they wouldn’t have to get involved, these are all examples of (the ostrich)

The position my body was unconsciously adopting in an attempt to relieve the pressure off my lungs, causing me to dip my head and arch my back more and more. Or was it the embarrassment I felt at the time?

How about the health care assistant who pretended not to understand her patient when he told her he had messed himself 10 minutes before the end of her shift.

The discharging letter that was misplaced but went unnoticed for over 6 hours, meaning that patient missed being at home to welcome his grandchild.

By now you all know my thoughts and relationship with the NHS. Please don’t read this as a complaint, rather a plea that things need to change.

Don’t be the ostrich, get involved to help each other, if you notice something not right address it. There is nothing wrong with being uncomfortable in a situation, but there is a lot wrong with comfortable with ignoring it.

Take a breath – Raj

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