Faking it…

Have you ever been guilty of exaggerating your symptoms? A slightly prolonged sniff? a well timed cough? Even a droop of the eyes or mouth?

I think we’re all guilty of emphasising our symptoms, possibly to help the Dr have a better understanding of what you’re going through. Sometimes it may even be to convince someone you’re ill.

What about faking it to make yourself seem better than you actually are? It may seem strange but some ensure their condition does not control their life.

Some find themselves in this situation as a result of stringent working hours or sick allowance, others have such demanding commitments that being ill is not an option.

May be family members do not understand the impact of your condition, and instead of causing issues, you simply suffer in silence; creating an illusion of well being.

Faking wellness is the opposite of faking illness, its a mindset that many adopt, some believe that its the final stage of acceptance of their condition, this is usual the result of detailed discussions with medical staff and research with the conclusion that everything has been tried and tested without a recovery or better diagnosis insight.

The next time you come across a someone you know to be ill, always ensure they know you are there for them, it is a vital in their acceptance.

If you are a ‘faker’ we appreciate your strength and hope that things get better sooner rather than later.

Take a breath – Raj