Body language

With most respiratory conditions one develops their own method to measure their symptoms, a guide to allow them to make a judgement on their next action, or hopefully confirmation that all is well. Medical professionals have several methods and tools devised to give their patients the best guidance on what next steps one should take; Continue reading Body language

Are you ok?

Anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, memory loss and fatigue. Symptoms which are well known and normally associated with mental health. However, I am going to give you my ideas linking the same symptoms to respiratory health. Anxiety: if you rely on an inhaler to relieve the on set of asthma, one can feel several types of Continue reading Are you ok?

The Tests

I spent one full day at The Royal Brompton Hospital under the great care of the amazing respiratory team. My day started full on with a weight, height and observation test. I was then put onto a spirometry test. Spirometry is used to help diagnose and monitor certain lung conditions by measuring how much air you can Continue reading The Tests

Whats up Doc?

Yesterday was somewhat of a break through in my Asthma journey. I had an appointment with the difficult asthma protocol team at the Brompton, I had been refereed by the respiratory team at Northwick Park, this was a long awaited and extremely important appointment. Seeing the medical correspondence between the two doctors was like reading Continue reading Whats up Doc?