20161031_210152 (2) Welcome to the Weekly Wheeze,

I have had Asthma from the age of 3, I was born in Northwick Park Hospital (N.W London) and have been treated there since the age of 16 yrs, prior to that I was treated at Edgware Hospital.

I have had 2 ITU admissions and was ventilated on both occasions, in my early teens I was diagnosed with atopic severe asthma. I was refereed to the the Brompton Hospital under the care of the difficult asthma protocol team headed by Prof Chung, this year I was diagnosed with COPD and tachycardia.

Throughout my life I have tried several alternative therapies, which had a wide range of outcomes.

My base line peak flow is 350 (which I am really very proud of) until April 2018 I was on symbicort 200/6 using the SMART regime (2 puff am/pm and as a reliever) which worked really well with me for several years.

Since March of 2018, I have had several admissions due to asthma, and had another ITU admission thankfully this time I was not ventilated.

My current treatment plan is symbicort 400/12 2 puffs am/pm, tiotropium respimat 2.5 mg 2 puffs am/pm, salbutamol 100mg PRN, 10mg predinsolone, theophylline 200mg two tablets twice a day and omeprazole 20mg.  In July 2018 I am hoping to be approved for mepolizumab injections.

I have a rescue pack which I keep close to hand at all times. (even in bed)

My aim for blogging is to hopefully find an effective platform to tell my stories, I
do not plan to tell others what to do, or how they should treat their asthma. I have no medical qualifications and merely wish to tell you of my experiences.

I hope you enjoy my written gibberish on asthma which I hope to post weekly stories for your perusal. I look forward to reading your comments

Take a breathe,

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